May 2021

AKC Activities

“Weekly ASEAN Highlights” Launched

From April 2021, The ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) is uploading special contents on tourist destinations, food, lifestyle, art and culture of the 10 ASEAN Member States. Articles, photos and videos of the “Weekly ASEAN Highlights” can be accessed via the main banner of the AKC website or by clicking the “ASEAN Travel” webpage. The special contents are expected to help viewers reminisce about their past trips to the region as well as find out new and interesting facts about Southeast Asian culture.

“Weekly ASEAN Highlights” of the Month

4/22 Vietnam: “Why you must have chopped cilantro in Vietnamese Pho</span >
4/29 Thailand: “There is so much more to Thai cuisine than Pad Thai”</span >

Go to the “ASEAN Travel” page (available in Korean only):