The ASEAN-Korea Centre released tourism promotional videos for the “ASEAN-Korea Familiarization Tour 2020” to provide the public with an opportunity to virtually travel to ASEAN and satisfy their pandemic-induced travel nostalgia. The videos were produced in collaboration with the tourism agencies of Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand, with K-pop star Kim Jun-su as the narrator introducing ASEAN’s attractive tourist destinations.

The first promotional video for Malaysia covers 5 charming cities, from Kuala Lumpur, a vibrant city already well-known to Koreans; Johor Baru, the southern jewel of Malaysia; Sabah, the hidden gem of the country; Penang, the culinary capital; to Selangor, a state where people can take a break from the city and relax.

The second promotional video for the Philippines introduces ‘safe tourism’ in regions such as Boracay, Mimaropa and Calabarzon, where people can enjoy the tranquility of nature, experience the region’s culture and history, and enjoy their food.

The third promotional video for Thailand introduces Bangkok, a city loved by travelers from all over the world; Koh Tao, an island known for its spectacular beaches; Chanthaburi, a city blessed with natural beauty; Chiang Mai, the ultimate destination for backpackers; and Khon Kaen, a new tourism hub for wellness in ASEAN.




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