*The following article was written by Blog Reporters of ASEAN-Korea Centre.

Hi everyone! I’m Nur Adila, the 20th AKC Blog Reporter. For this November issue, I will introduce five top traditional games in ASEAN countries that played from one generation to another. Do you know there are variety of ASEAN traditional games that usually played during leisure time? These traditional games can be divided into outdoor games and indoor games.

  1. Jackstone (Tossing the stones)
[Malaysia: Batu Seremban; Indonesia: Bola Bekel; Thailand: Ei-Keb; Philippines: Jackstone; Singapore: Five stones]

This traditional game is very popular as an indoor game in several ASEAN countries. It is also similar with Korean traditional game; Gonggi. The player should toss the small stones from the palm of their hand upwards and then catch back. It needs 5 small and smooth stones. The concept is almost similar by tossing the stones but with slightly different rules and materials.


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